Special Entry Procedure Declaration

This is a disaster situation. All foreigners wishing to enter the Republic of Korea must report their entry before entering the country. Please refer to the Notice for more details.


Nationals of countries/regions eligible for visa-free entry are required to get K-ETA approval to board the flight or ship bound for the Republic of Korea.


K-ETA Apply

Please be informed that you need K-ETA approval before boarding the flight or ship bound for the Republic of Korea.
You can apply for K-ETA via the K-ETA official website (www.k-eta.go.kr) or mobile App (K-ETA). Please keep in mind that the assessment can take more than 72 hours depending on the situation (ex, an increased number of K-ETA applications, applicants’ circumstances, etc.).

  1. STEP 01Apply
  2. STEP 02Enter E-mail
  3. STEP 03Enter Passport Information
  4. STEP 04Enter Application Information
  5. STEP 05Make Payment
  6. STEP 06Under assessment
  7. STEP 07Check Results

Application Guide Video

K-ETA 안내영상(한국어)

K-ETA Video Clip(Korean)

K-ETA 안내영상(영어)

K-ETA Video Clip(English)

K-ETA 신청안내 영상(영어)

K-ETA Application Guide(English)

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